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Macropore Gold Water Softener 350mLPlease note:-  "Flat Pack products are all packaged in a clear pouch"
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Macropore GOLD 350ml        is an exchange resin that softens aquarium water by removing Calcium and replacing it with Sodium. This is beneficial for those who wish to keep species that require soft water, although it will also take Hydrated Lime from town water without the use of Phosphate chelation. 

Another use for this product for those who have fish that require hard water, is to use it first in a water container, where you filter the water with Macropore WS, after the addition of Calcium Chloride, this binds any Caustic Soda that has been added to the town water (often used in place of hydrated lime).
This water can then be added to the aquarium, where the aquarium water can be re-hardened with the appropriate hardeners.
The problem with many modern Cichlid Salts (ours included) is they can contain Calcium Chloride,
because Caustic Soda is now in frequent use to replace Hydrated Lime in town water, it will convert to lime with the addition of this form of Calcium.

 Supa Chlor  ( Formaldehyde Free ) can skip this process but some aquarist don't like using phosphate chelatants and we try to cater for everyones personel requirements.

Macropore Gold 350ml  is packaged in a clear Pouch .
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