Aquarium Water Quality

November 8, 2019

The Aquatic Environment Water Quality

The most important aspect in keeping live Aquatic inhabitants is the environment in which they live, the water quality for aquatic species needs to be controlled at all times to ensure the health and longivity of these living species.    

Keep in mind that they cannot escape this environment, and when the water conditions change and become unsuitable for their survival, these species will not survive.   The Aquatic environment basically works on the same principal as a septic system , and if an imbalance occurs due to over feeding, insufficient oxygen, over population, temperature instability, Ph imbalances,rotting plant, insufficient lighting,these all lead to a breakdown of the Aquatic environment, resulting in unstable Ammonia levels, unstable Ph's, stressed inhabitants and the owner of these species wondering how to correct this.  

There is a wealth of information available via Internet, the local library, the Pet & Aquarium Industry in keeping Aquatic Aquariums.  Aquarium inhabitants, Tropical, Goldfish, Invertabrates, Marine, all unique in their own right and give many hours of enjoyment, enhance living areas in the home, and most certainly deserve the very best environment available.

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