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November 8, 2019

Supa Chlor is a unique water treatment product that has been completely developed in Australia; it is one of the few products capable of removing Ammonia without the use of Formaldehyde as a converter (now considered a Poison by the TGA at above 05%). This is only one of the few properties of this product; it can also remove Chlorine at a dose rate of 5 mls per 200 litres, making it one of the most economical Chlorine Neutralisers on the market.​ What is particularly different then any other water conditioner in the world is its ability to rid Hydrated Lime from Town water. This function is where this product is completely non-generic; it was developed in the late 80’s when a small fish wholesaler was unable to keep livebearers alive, as a result of what appeared to be mouth fungus.

The wholesaler was experiencing more then 30 % loses per week and had tried almost every available cure at the time. Out of desperation he stopped using aquariums to store his fish and started to keep them in traps in a 10,000 litre outdoor pond. During this period, the fish still contracted fungal infections until an extreme weather event in 1989 produced heavy rainfall for nearly three weeks, as a result of this, he stopped using town water for water changes, because the rain was doing that job. At the third week the fungal infections stopped and he made the connection between the fact that town water had Hardness and rain water didn’t. This then lead him to look at what caused the hardness in town water, and he found that Hydrated Lime is added to nearly all developed town water world wide to increase PH.  With the assistance of a chemist from Marford Feedwater he added a safe water softening chemical to his Aquariums to remove the Lime. This reduced his losses to nil within 2 weeks and also allowed him to reduce his water changes to 30% per month.

From this fish farming experience and many profound Test and Controls, Supa Chlor was developed.

Large weekly Water Changes are often recommended to keep Nitrates under control and to control water quality; we would argue that by using Supa Chlor in conjunction with other products in our range, water changes can be substantially reduced.  

Lime continually used as a result of water changes does what is known as Clarking (named after the process discoverer “Clark”). Clarking is the act of softening water by removing Calcium Carbonate from water; Lime will then give false readings as KH and GH and needs to be removed and replaced with Calcium Carbonate.  

Carbon Dioxide injection will re-precipitate Calcium Carbonate from Lime and is possibly one of the reasons it is so successful in stabilizing Aquariums with respect to plant growth.   We have developed a more economical and safer process then CO2 to assist in maintaining aquarium water. Firstly by using Supa Chlor to remove all detrimental Ions, Lime, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Chlorine and Ammonia (Copper and Zinc often occurring in Rain Water), from this process you have a zero starting point.

Mineral Addition and Nitrate Control.

Before we describe this in more detail, complete softening of Town Water can also be achieved by using Macropore Gold filter resin, then follow the same process which we will outline from this point. Calcium and Magnesium and the minerals derived from Clay occur in all natural surface water ( Lakes, Creeks and Rivers). Unfortunately it is impractical to add these to Aquariums without a lot of trouble, mainly because of turbidity created by there addition. Because of this we have included these minerals in a slow release block that will replace the correct mineral content of your water automatically. Once you have the right KH or GH the Essential Element Blocks “ can be removed. Apart from Calcium and Magnesium addition the blocks will also add “live Clay” to your aquarium without clouding the water. The Clay in these blocks is added in a soft damp form and is set into a hard Calcium and Magnesium Carrier and is kept moist. This process also guarantees the beneficial bacteria in the clay are kept alive. These blocks in new tanks have reduced Ammonia from 3 ppm to zero in 7 days, reducing the process of denitrification by approx 5 weeks Essential Element Block maintain the general health of your aquariums good bacteria as Nitrosomas and Denitrifying bacteria consume Carbonates to stay alive and require a Calcium Carbonate source like all other life forms to continue their work with fish waste.

The process of De-nitrification is an acidifying process and these blocks will greatly slow PH drop. Anaerobic bacteria are also contained in the added Clay and will also enable the aquariums resistance to rising Nitrates. Nitrate control is often a stated reason for huge regular water changes, our answer to this is a sophisticated Macro Porous Synthetic white exchange resin. We call this Macropore, Its active exchange groups are Quaternary Ammonia and Nitrates. Our own testing has shown outstanding results of a reduction in 100 litres of water by 350 mls of resin, from 200 ppm to 30 ppm in 24 hours.

By using Supa Chlor or Macropore Gold, Essential Element Blocks and Macropore for Nitrates, we offer an integrated economical plan to maintain fish and plant health with greatly reduced water changes like has never been offered by any product range before. This integrated product plan also includes our new range of plant fertilizer blocks and Carbon source liquid fertilizers

Macro Fertiliser and Glutaraldehyde Blocks and Liquid Gultaraldehyde Fertiliser.

As mentioned above Primary Fertilizers or Macro fertilizers like Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate are removed by Lime “Clarking” or softening. This also deprives plants of much needed Carbonates and is reversed by injecting Carbon Dioxide (which re-precipitates Calcium Carbonate). As described above we have developed other cheaper strategies to stabilize aquariums, and this is carried through with our range of plant fertilizers. Macro Fertiliser blocks are based on Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate and Calcium and Magnesium Sulphate and also contain Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous, they will replace the Carbonates lost through the Clarking action of lime and add the correct balance of necessary plant fertilizers. Glutaraldehyde Blocks contain a Calcium Sulphate carrier which has Glutaraldehyde suspended as a liquid in a compressed iron phosphate pellet and also has a mineral catalyst in the form of EDTA chelated iron. These blocks negate the need to have complex dosing regimens as they have been very carefully calibrated to only release what is needed to maintain correct plant growth and to work in unison with Supa Chlor or Macropore Gold.

Glutaraldehyde and Iron liquid supplement is for those who wish to do more hands on fertilizer addition. It can be used in conjunction with the Macro and Glut blocks or just the Macro Blocks and is better able as a fertilizer like CO2 to reverse Lime “Clarking”, which is the basic theme of our whole range.

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