Bio Chlor 2.5 litres


Bio Chlor 2.5 litres

Advanced Aquarium Water Conditioner

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REMOVES  Chlorine, Chloramine Ammonia, Lead, copper and also

Benefits the Environment by reducing water changes and prevents disease which reduces antibiotic use.

1.It will remove Chlorine at 5 mls per 200 litres and has a sliding scale treatment to 5 mls per 25 litres for new tanks.

2.It will lessen the need for water changes to 25% per month in conjunction with macropore and pH stabilising products like pH KH 7 and others for specific species.

3. It speeds aquarium cycling down to 2 weeks approx. from 8 weeks approx.

4. Fertilises plants and avoids the use of Nitrates and Iron fertilisers.

5. Balances CO2 and Oxygen.

Bio Chlor does this by making Calcium Hydroxide in town water Biologically available with a safe phosphate. Calcium Hydroxide added at treatment plants strips water of C02 and Calcium Carbonate which stifles initial Nitrification.
Town water while designed for human health can be detrimental to fish well being because fish in water are in a constant state of near hyperventilation and require a much higher level of C02 than land dwelling animals, good bacteria also requires C02. As a result of depleted levels fish Gills vascular systems have a lower level of essential C02 and Gill filaments are not coated with this element as they should be.

In a new tank environment ammonia causes blood poisoning, with the correct balance of CO2 ammonia is converted into less harmful ammonium as it passed over the Gill plates making fish more resistant to ammonia poisoning in new tanks in particular. This product also contains a diamine for instant ammonia detox from tap water.

In conclusion fish can be added to new tanks and are far happier in many respects particularly with respect to disease prevention.

This is reliable safe method for all freshwater Aquariums also removes all toxic ions in town water.


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