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Carbonate Hardness Increaser
is a combination of carbonating
chemicals that will safely raise
the pH and kH of all types of
Aquarium water.
This also assists plant growth
and speeds the process of
denitrification by adding
essential Carbon Nutrients.
Fresh Town water is devoid
of carbon because of the addition
of Calcium Hydroxide. New
fresh water tank setups should be
lowered to a pH of 7 during the
Ammonia stabilizing period at
which time pH should not be
increased to more than 7.2
Dose rate is 4 grams per 100 litres
(half a teaspoon)
and should increase kH by
20ppm Approximately.
Both pH and kH should be
monitored during increases.
Product should also be dissolved
in a cup of water first then added
slowly while constantly checking
water parameters.


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