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Glut & Macro Fertiliser Blocks 55g each (A simple alternative to CO2)
The Macro Block contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium 5%(NPK) 25% Dolomite Lime and is formed in Calcium Sulphate.
The Glut Block is 5% Glut of a 50% solution encapsulated inside the block in compressed chelated Iron Phosphate pellets and 3 grams per 1.3 kg of Iron chelate all bound in Calcium Sulphate.
These two blocks may be used in conjunction with Supa Chlor
Supa Chlor because of new Poison regulations for Water Conditioners now has Glutaraldehyde instead of Formaldehyde, which brings it from a Schedule 6 poison (special lids, bottles and labels) to a Schedule 5 poison (Caution, keep out of reach of children label, no special packaging).

These products all appear here because they are meant to work in an integrated manner, firstly Supa Chlor apart from it's other actions will remove Hydrated Lime from Town Water. When Hydrated Lime comes into contact with CO2 it forms an insoluble precipitate of Calcium Carbonate. In the process of removing this Supa Chlor replaces it with a utilisable phosphate, not a Super Phosphate which is detrimental. then the Blocks, both kinds replace the missing carbon (which Lime removes in Town Water) in stored Rainwater and Town Water. This is done with Dolomite Lime and Glutaraldehyde, because of the way these blocks suspend these Macro Fertilisers they will not cloud water and can be Buried in the substrate or sat on top and avoid the need to be feed into substrate tubes.

These Blocks have taken months to formulate and the results are very good, they will simplify the keeping of ornamental plant tanks for those that have little time to do dosing, if used in conjunction with Supa Chlor they are as good as injected CO2, especially now that Supa Chlor contains Glut.

Thank you to those both here and the US for testing these products

We also have liquid Glut and Iron available (maintenance dose of 2 mls per 200 litres, 3% Glut, 2% iron chelate)

The liquid Glut can also be used in conjunction with the Macro blocks and will last twice as long as most others, in the pump pack it can also be used to dose Nano tanks or you can use a small dose syringe.

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