Ornamental Mineral Shrimp Block 55g


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This innovative block adds essential minerals
required to maintain the healthy existence of
ornamental freshwater shrimp. It does this by
automatically dissolving based on the existing water
(one segment will treat 50 litres of pure RO
water and will initially last approx
1 week, after acquiring the required hardness
newly added block will last approx. 3 weeks)
The block will increase Permanent Hardness while
not effecting carbonate hardness, it does however
contain a liquid form of Carbon that is essential for
all life including good bacteria. This liquid carbon also
doubles as a very effective Plant
Fertiliser and Ammonia Converter
Although it is recognised by the manufacturer that Shrimp
are normally kept in RO or Rain Water the included
carbon acts on lime in Town Water to convert it into
Calcium Carbonate which can than be consumed by
the aquarium environment, making it possible to
maintain good Crustacean health.
The block also incorporates Astaxanthin impregnated
food to encourage shrimp to consume Montmorillonite
in the block. Shrimp often come into contact in the wild
with more soluble form of this kind of clay.
This process is designed to simulate this action.
Included food is stablised by the Liquid Carbon and the
segments can be used as weekend or weekly holiday
Block contains
Calcium Montmorillonite, Calcium Sulphate, C5H8O2 as
Liquid Carbon,
Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium Sulphate,
Iron Sulphate Chelated, Manganese Sulphate.


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