Ornamental Shrimp Pellets 35g ( With Astaxanthin )


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Manufactured free of Meat protein
from the highest quality fish meal and
vegetable products.
The pellet is first micronised and extruded
to form the appropriate size pellet. It is
then cold coated with Astaxanthin to
replace natural colour enhancement missing
from semi-artificial environments.
The advanced technology used to manufacture
this extruded pellet makes it very stable and less
likely to pollute water.
Feed only a few pellets for several shrimp at
a time, ensure there is no uneaten food after
5 minutes approx.
The container this food is packed in provides a
regulated feed amount so accidental overfeeding
is less likely to occur.

Fish Meal, Squid Meal and refine oil,
Shrimp Meal, Soybean Meal, Lecithin,
Cereals, Yeast, Vitamin and Mineral.

Crude Protein >48%
Crude Fat > 6%
Crude Ash > 14%
Crude Fibre > 2.5%
Moisture > 8%


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