Macro Fertiliser Block 55g A simple alternative to CO2


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Macro Fertiliser Blocks for aquarium plants Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium,Calcium Carbonate,Magnesium Carbonate,Calcium Sulphate
are a simple alternative to CO2, and should be used in conjunction with Glut Blocks.
This block is a segmented block and can be added to
your aquarium in increments.
Using Supa Chlor with these Macro blocks also adds to the enhanced growth of Aquarium plants because Supa Chlor takes Hydrated Lime from town water and replaces it with a usable Phosphate.
This toxin Hydrated Lime stops natural fertilisation and will also to some extent negate the use of CO2, CO2 injection after initial water change is for some time exhausted because it will precipitate insoluble Calcium Carbonate from the Lime.
Supa Chlor removes Lime and then the blocks will release soluble utilisable Calcium Carbonate.
All together the blocks slowly release Macro and Micro Ferts plus a powerful suspended liquid form of Carbon "Glut" and are designed to work as an intergrated package with Supa Chlor.


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