Yabbie Pellet 50g


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Yabbie Pellet for freshwater Yabbies.

The size of this pellet is a round disk , 2mm in size and sinks to the bottom for Yabbies to eat

Contents:- 50% Protein, 8% Fat, Fish Oil, Meat Meal, Grains, Lysine, Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals.

Yabbie Pellets are manufactured to an Aqua-cultural standard, that means they are  vitamin ramped and trypsin inhibited.
Vitamin ramping is something that has to be done to steam heated, extruded foods, during the process of extrusion (necessary to stop swelling after consumption) vitamin content can be lost.To avoid this, extra vitamins are added to maintain the correct levels.
Trypsin inhibition happens as a result of using Soy as a environment safe protein booster, incorrectly heat treated soy will inhibit growth rate, Soy protein is used in all fish food manufacture.
All aspects of manufacture of this product are tested by spectrographic analysis after extrusion to insure
it is kept up to an aqua-cultural standard.

Remove any uneaten food from your Yabbie aquarium. 






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